LEAF aprīļa numurā raksts par Rīgas Teikas vidusskolu!

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LEAF aprīļa numurā raksts par Rīgas Teikas vidusskolu!

LEAF aprīļa numurā raksts par Mums – Rīgas Teikas vidusskolu!

LEAF (Learning about Forests) Newsletter April 2015  Mēs –  Rīgas Teikas vidusskola!

Paldies Andai un, protams, Latvijas valsts mežiem par publikāciju un Evitai par tulkošanu.


Teika Secondary School, Latvia organises Intellectual Day in the Forest

15 February, Riga Teika Secondary school organised an Intellectual Day in the Forest for pupils from 5th to 8th grade, which was held in Biķernieku Forest.

Within the framework of the integrated lessons in the forest, the students improved their knowledge and skills in mathematics, art, foreign languages, Latvian, domestic science and sports.

With the support of the National Armed Forces and the U.S. soldiers from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment pupils acquired the basics for survival in the wild in winter.

The aim of the Intellectual Day was to look for a different approach to the teaching/learning process and to make it more interesting for pupils by applying theory in real practice thus strengthening pupils' knowledge and motivating them to be active and explore the environment around them independently.


Supporters of the event included:
• JSC "Latvian State Forests"
• The Stepanovi family (4b and 8a grade)
• The Bērziņi family (8a and 12a grade)
• Jānis Zilvers ‪#Rabarber